Precautions for trunking installation requirements

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In daily life, the installation of central line trough has gradually been paid attention to by the wiring of family houses. It can be said that the installation of trunking is a supplement to the hidden lines after the construction and decoration of the house. Many people believe that the wiring method of trunking destroys the overall beauty of the house

trunking is a kind of material suitable for installing and arranging wires. The wire trough comprises a base and an upper cover. The base is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and has a holding space with an opening facing upward. The wire is placed in the wire trough without exposing the opening, so that the upper cover can be easily covered on the base. The upper narrow and lower wide shape of the base has the effect of beautifying the environment. Next, I will introduce the precautions and methods of trunking installation

precautions for trunking installation

1. The trunking is flat without distortion, the inner wall is free of burrs, the joints are tight and straight, and various accessories are complete

2. The junction of the trunking shall be flat, the joint shall be tight and straight, the slot cover shall be installed smoothly without warping angle, and the position of the outlet shall be correct

3. When the trunking passes through the deformation joint, the trunking itself should be disconnected. The trunking is connected with a connecting plate and cannot be fixed. The protective ground wire should have compensation allowance. One bolt should be fixed between the trunking ct300*100 and the horizontal Dan, and two bolts must be fixed above ct400*100

4. All non-conductive parts of non-metallic trunking shall be connected and bridged accordingly to make it a whole, and the overall connection shall be made

5. The trunking laid in the shaft and the trunking passing through different fire zones shall be provided with fire prevention and blocking measures according to the design requirements

6. When the length of the steel trunking at the straight end exceeds 30m, add expansion joints, and set compensation devices at the deformation joints of the cable trunking span

7. The total length of the metal cable trunking and its support shall be no less than 2 places connected with the grounding (PE) or neutral (pen) trunk line

8. The two ends of the connecting plate between non galvanized cable trunks are connected with copper core grounding wire, and the minimum allowable cross-sectional area of the grounding wire is not less than bvr-4 mm

9. The two ends of the connecting plate between the galvanized cable trunks are not connected with the grounding wire, but the two ends of the connecting plate are not less than two connecting and fixing bolts with anti loose nuts or anti loose washers

installation requirements of trunking

1. The installation position of trunking should comply with the construction regulations, and the left and right deviation should be determined according to the actual situation, but the maximum should not exceed 50mm

2. Theoretically, the deviation per meter of trunking level cannot exceed 2mm

3. The vertical trunking should be vertical to the ground without any inclination, and the verticality deviation should not exceed 3mm

4. The trunking joints and the joints shall be spliced with joint connecting plates, and the screws shall be tightened. The levelness deviation at the joint of two trunking shall not exceed 2mm

5. Buildings with a straight-line bridge of more than 30m shall have rise and contraction joints, which shall be connected by expansion plates

6. The turning radius of wire rod should not be less than the most gorgeous bending radius in the groove

7. Cao Gai should be strong and the supports and hangers should be vertical and neat. No skew

trunking characteristics

1. The trunking has excellent characteristics such as flame-retardant insulation, high impact resistance, low toxicity, acid resistance, etc. The wire trough has strong insulation, environmental protection and beauty, and its service life can reach 50 years under the condition of correct use

2. Wire trunking is applicable to a variety of installation projects. The products have various grades to meet the needs of different levels or regions. PVC wire trunking and accessories have complete specifications, which can meet various design and construction requirements. Words can be printed on the trunking body according to customer requirements

editor's summary: here are the precautions and requirements for trunking installation. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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