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Delphix dynamic data platform running on VMware vsan

in today's digital economy, data is the basic element of a company's success and competitive advantage. From work efficiency to business growth and innovation, fast and secure access to internal data is the key to turning data into decision-making actions

with VMware vsan? And delphix dynamic data platform, enterprises can accelerate the modernization of their infrastructure, provide a comprehensive solution for dataops, make it take into account both strategy and cost-effectiveness, help customers develop data centers without risk, control it costs, and when fastening, the clapboard should not tilt left and right, but the metal wires inside should be partially broken to meet the needs of business expansion

delphix dynamic data platform

delphix dynamic data platform has the characteristics of fast, safe and anytime, anywhere:

fast: configure lightweight compressed copies of production data in a few minutes, while maintaining data synchronization

security: ensure the security and compliance of sensitive data according to the security policy

anytime, anywhere: move and manage data from any environment, and provide data seamlessly anytime, anywhere

delphix dynamic data platform enables enterprises to easily deliver and protect data. With delphix, enterprises can manage data distribution and access by driving the speed, simplicity, and security required for digital transformation

vmware vsan hyper converged infrastructure

hyper converged infrastructure for after-sales service we are the market leader in the field of facilities (HCI) that solve any quality problems for customers 24 hours. VMware vsan supports low-cost and high-performance HCI solutions, solves the status quo of traditional IT infrastructure islands, and provides virtualization of physical infrastructure to help customers easily evolve their infrastructure, effectively control their total cost of ownership, and, Drive applications and cloud strategies to meet business scalability

why use delphix on VMware vsan

vmware vsan and delphix are in the leading position in their respective fields. Many enterprise customers require delphix solutions to be run on vsan. Of course, the premise is that vsan must run on X86 servers certified by VMware. Setting up a delphix solution on vsan has the following advantages:

traditional it islands of computing, storage and networking can be removed

all storage management is moved to a software stack to take full advantage of the security, scalability, simplicity and cost-effectiveness of vsan

easily migrate workloads from traditional storage arrays to vsan based hyper converged infrastructures

delphix solutions have been hosted and validated on the VMware vSphere platform for many years. In addition, since vsan itself is integrated with vSphere, the hosting mode using vsan storage will become a familiar deployment mode for vSphere customers

vmware HCI provides an efficient, high-performance and cost-effective platform. Delphix enables data operators to ensure the security of sensitive data and provide the right data to the right people at the right time and place

the joint solution of vsan and delphix provides flexibility and speed to meet new dataops requirements. Compared with traditional data cloning, this solution will greatly improve its security, simplify deployment and reduce the cost of IT infrastructure

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