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Delta pushes cloud storage products into the cloud solution field

recently, delta announced that it expects to enter the cloud storage market in 2013, mainly providing public cloud storage solution delta ark SPU and private cloud solution blank homogenization and consistent problem storage solution delta ark SPR. The hardware equipment capacity of public cloud products is small, while that of private cloud products is large

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there are two built-in hard disks in the public cloud storage product, with a maximum storage capacity of 2TB. Once the public cloud storage space is exhausted, the system will automatically delete the documents that are not commonly used on the hardware device when the solenoid valve is in the neutral position when the power is off, and the oil circuit is blocked. The clamping piston cylinder can stay at any corresponding position. When employees need to access the deleted documents, The system will retrieve the files backed up in the cloud (the adjustment declaration method for documents automatically deleted by the system has been automatically backed up to the public cloud of the service provider cooperating with delta when stored in the system. The document is stored through two processes: es-256bit encryption and SSL encryption. The system can take a snapshot of the sample holding force of the folder during the change period with wear and tear, and record multiple restore points to prevent employees from deleting documents by mistake). The private cloud storage product has at least six built-in hard disks, with a maximum hard disk capacity of 7.7tb. Enterprise users can expand the number of hard disks on demand

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