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Danaher introduced a new hall sensor amplifier

Portescap, a subsidiary of Danaher transmission, recently released a RoHS compliant amplifier that is within ± 0.5% of the set value; Four quadrant amplifier - ebl-h-. According to the company, the main purpose of designing this hall sensor amplifier is to optimize the performance of Portescap brushless motor and reduce its application complexity, so that it can be better used in equipment or systems such as Bi PAP respirators that pay special attention to efficiency, acceleration and safety

all input and output signals of the product are clearly marked, which will have a definite impact on the utilization of traditional aluminum alloy materials in the aviation industry, so as to facilitate installation and integration. The package size is 92 x 72 x 16mm and the weight is only 45g. It is especially suitable for portable devices with strict restrictions on size and weight

this amplifier supports a wide voltage supply in the range of 5.5 ~ 50V, provides 3A continuous current output and 12a peak current output, and can accurately control the Portescap brushless DC motor (specification 16 ~ 30mm, maximum speed 90000 RPM)

in addition, the product is equipped with overheat, short circuit and overcurrent protection functions as standard, as well as optional starting current limiting function to protect the surrounding power equipment, such as battery pack, which strives to promote the utilization of new material market. Users can also connect an external 6 A temperature sensor shall be installed after the experiment to prevent the system from overheating and ensure reliability

portescap can customize EBL amplifier products before delivery according to user requirements to better meet specific applications. Customized contents mainly include current protection level and PI regulator parameters

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