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Many dealers have come to Yantai to support Linglong tire. Recently, with the deepening impact of the special tire protection case, 300 design board dealers including Hangzhou Huanghe Tire Co., Ltd. came to Yantai to participate in the activity of supporting Linglong tire, actively transfer order resources to Linglong, and help them digest export pressure

"China exports more than 40% of its tires every year. If half of the output of tires exported to the United States is cut, it means that China will have 12% of the remaining tire production capacity. Therefore, we have the idea to carry out this activity." Lou Xiaoqin, the participant of the solidarity activity and the relevant representative of Hangzhou Yellow River Tire Co., Ltd., spoke of the original intention of rushing to Yantai to participate in the activity of "protesting against the American special safeguard case and supporting Chinese national brands"

Lou Xiaoqin said that the special safeguard case has a series of indirect effects. First of all, after the tariff increase, the cost performance advantage of China's tires will gradually lose, and American dealers will gradually adjust their suppliers to choose products with relative price advantage in other countries. The network channels that have been hard established for many years will be destroyed. Second, the US special safeguard will have a negative demonstration effect on other countries and regions, causing follow-up, and Brazil and India will follow suit; Third, the sales of products in the U.S. market are blocked, which will accelerate their transfer to other regions, disrupt the existing market order of aramid and carbon, and form a new round of price war. If the price war rises to a certain extent, it will cause a chain reaction and suffer anti-dumping from corresponding countries again

"the special safeguard case is a serious trade protectionism in form, but the matters needing attention in the determination of the friction coefficient are through the case itself, which also reveals the deep-seated contradictions such as the weakness of the brand and the disorderly development of China's tire development. For the starting tire industry, if it can lead to the overall reform and industrial upgrading of the industry, it will be a good thing!" The majority of participants in the event believed that only by mastering core technologies can enterprises have vitality; Only with high-tech products can enterprises be competitive. Therefore, the internationalization of industry must first realize the internationalization of technology

at the same time, they said that Linglong tire has a high and widely used development model for various metal, non-metal and composite materials, strong market control ability and core competitiveness in the international market. The cooperation will help the industry to deepen brand building and marketing, improve the enterprise's own development and create more profits

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