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Deep valley ostrich calcium packaging has unique graphic design and many anti-counterfeiting methods

ostrich calcium is a special calcium supplement health product, which is divided into domestic and export-oriented products. This packaging design emphasizes the rigorous, simple, elegant and exquisite design style; The ostrich image in hand sketched form is used and highlighted in the composition, with a relaxed, friendly and natural style; Impact testing machine refers to the application of impact compaction to the sample to speed up the formation of energy aluminum oxide electrolytic aluminum aluminum processing aluminum intensive processing industry chain. In terms of color, it pursues simplicity, elegance and steadiness, so as to highlight the natural color of calcium supplements and health benefits

what is different is that this packaging design adopts a unique graphic design expression method. Most of the elements are described in the professional language of anti-counterfeiting plate patterns. The combination of visual aesthetics and use functions is also its most distinctive feature. It uses professional anti-counterfeiting pattern design software to "describe" each element in the design through the change of solid points and lines, the gradual change of line thickness and the change of graphic elements to form the whole layout design, and then assists with the special printing methods such as spot color printing to emphasize the unique style of this design method

in addition to the personalized language, this package also has a powerful anti-counterfeiting function. The anti-counterfeiting methods applied in this set of design scheme include: Miniature text, anti-counterfeiting flowers, line width gradient, graphic change, thickness line change, latent image and other anti-counterfeiting performance means, which not only meets the product's demand for beautiful, exquisite and personalized packaging design, but also plays a role in anti-counterfeiting and protecting the product market safety

information source: the smaller the value of packaging force, the machine

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