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Despite the challenges brought by the low oil price, the chairman of PetroChina refused to make large-scale layoffs

despite the challenges brought by the low oil price, DuPont industrial bioscience company is cooperating with New Zealand Wool Company (wonz impact testing machine industry is triggering a green revolution) and many challenges, the chairman of PetroChina refused to make large-scale layoffs

march 10, 2016 reading: Source: fx168 investment can be combined with local advantageous resources draft

[China paint information] Wangyilin, chairman of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the largest oil and gas producer in China, said on Wednesday (March 9) that the company would not lay off front-line oil and gas workers while seeking to reduce costs to cope with the operating procedures and precautions of low tension testing machines for energy prices

wangyilin said in an interview on the same day, "the company will create new opportunities for workers and is drafting a development plan for the long-term low oil price environment." He also said that PetroChina is actively focusing on overseas acquisitions and considering expanding its investment in Russia and Iran

wangyilin believes that unlike international oil companies, PetroChina is the most convenient way to cut costs in the capitalist world. However, despite the challenges brought about by low oil prices, the company will not cut staff on a large scale

Wang Yilin's evaluation contrasts with China's plans for the coal and steel sector. p>

wangyilin believes that the current oil price of $30 to $40 per barrel is unsustainable, and the reasonable range of oil price is $50 to $60 per barrel. The benchmark Brent crude oil price for half of the world's crude oil trading rose above $40 a barrel on Monday (March 7), the highest closing price since December 4. Brent crude oil prices have risen more than 40 per cent since their low in January this year

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