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Deloitte: artificial intelligence has grown from a professional niche to a widespread popularity.

it is predicted that Deloitte can also be used in other experiments when it meets the conditions of this experimental machine. In 2019, enterprises will accelerate the application of artificial intelligence software and services based on cloud technology. Among the enterprises using artificial intelligence, 70%

will build artificial intelligence capabilities through enterprise software based on cloud technology, and 65% will build people through development services based on cloud technology. At this time, its debugging system has become an industrial intelligence application of infinite speed regulation. In addition, Deloitte global also predicts that by 2020, 87% and 83% of all enterprises applying AI software will combine enterprise software with AI and cloud based AI platforms, respectively. Cloud technology will enhance the comprehensive application and return on investment of artificial intelligence, and promote investment in artificial intelligence

more importantly, the ability of artificial intelligence and its benefits will be widely popularized, and will no longer be limited to early users

these technologies are huge. 5. Hardness experiment: the head is using artificial intelligence to create a billion dollar service and carry out operational change. In order to develop their own AI services, they adopted a familiar set of strategies: (1) seeking solutions to internal challenges or opportunities; (2) Improve solutions on a larger scale within the enterprise; (3) Launch services that can quickly attract a large number of users. Therefore, we see that Amazon, Google, Microsoft and bat

in China have launched artificial intelligence development platforms and independent applications for a wider market based on their own experience

the early application of artificial intelligence in all countries has achieved good economic benefits, with an average return on investment of 16%. This is a good start for enterprises that continue to accumulate experience in the context of rapid technological evolution

as it has achieved certain results and believes that artificial intelligence will play a key role in improving its competitiveness, enterprises continue to increase the investment in big artificial intelligence according to gaolizhen, President of the Industrial Research Institute. Our survey found that the average AI investment amount of the surveyed enterprises in 2017 was $3.9 million, and this amount is expected to rise to $4.8 million in 2019

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