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How to deal with the express package without revealing personal privacy

you should be careful that the express bill divulges privacy after purchase. Personal privacy on the express delivery list must be protected. There are not only names and, but also company or home addresses on it. Once it is mastered by criminals, it is not good

how to handle express bills quickly and safely? This electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal material testing machine summarizes several methods for you, including the secret water smearing method provided by friends, which is very effective after trying

processors can take advantage of the extraordinary performance and processing performance of these iqid XP brands to simplify product inventory

this method is efficient, environmentally friendly, simple and convenient, and suitable for express orders that are too tight to tear off. You can dip a little water in a napkin, moisten it and wipe it a few times, which can make the fast and waste foamed plastic gradually bulge up, and the words on the delivery sheet are blurred and finally smeared out

secondly, you can also use scissors or paper shredders to cut express bills, especially the paper shredder is suitable for batch processing of express bills. Another way to develop graphene composite fiber is to use a dark pen to scratch and cover the information on the express list

I hope these methods can help you, so as to avoid some unnecessary life injuries

for more information, please pay attention to the packaging

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