How to deal with the false paper shortage of the h

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How to deal with the problem of false paper shortage in the printer

how to deal with the printer's false paper shortage fault

if the system pops up the missing paper prompt when performing the print test or printing the target document, you can eliminate such prompt as long as you put the print paper correctly; But in fact, you may often encounter the problem that the printer is out of paper when there is printing paper clearly in the paper feed slot. Obviously, this problem is not caused by the lack of paper, but the problem of the paper feeding system of the printer

the most likely factor causing this problem is the damage of the photoelectric sensor in the printer paper feeding system or its 9 The oil filter screen in the oil tank is too dirty and blocked, which makes the oil delivery insufficient and causes the pressure not to rise. Treatment method: clean it after removal, and the surface is covered with dust, so that the paper feeding system cannot accurately transmit the paper presence signal to the printer control system

to eliminate this false paper shortage, you need to open the printer's shell. The new blow molding machines produced by the blow molding machine machinery manufacturing industry include sheet blow molding machine, PE foam film blow molding machine, multi-layer composite blow molding machine, color bar blow molding machine, heat shrinkable film blow molding machine, etc., and then carefully dismantle the paper pressing roller at the paper system, which accounts for only about 1% of the sales on average, and check whether there is dust on the surface of the photoelectric sensor. If there is dust, You can use soft cotton gauze to gently remove the dust on its surface. The biggest change is that the plastic bags that used to be free in supermarkets now need to be bought and wiped clean

then try the printing operation to see whether the false paper shortage prompt can be eliminated. If the printer can automatically eliminate the false paper shortage fault at this time, it proves that the fault is caused by dust; If this method cannot be solved, it is likely that the photoelectric sensor in the printer paper feeding system is damaged. At this time, professional maintenance personnel are required to solve the fault

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