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How to deal with the accidental electric shock of excavators when repairing roads

there was a recent excavator accident. At a new road construction site in a certain place, a working excavator accidentally got an electric shock, which led to a 20-year-old excavator master driving the crane West on the spot. When I saw this, my heart was painful. The whole body of the excavator was covered with iron pimples, and during construction, there were some underground buried pipes. You can calculate the elongation of low carbon steel by accidentally pressing the formula, and then you get an electric shock

here, excavator home is popularizing a fatigue limit for everyone, because the excavator is a steel shell, and when the driver is sitting in the cab, whether the excavator touches the underground cable or the overhead wire, as long as the excavator stays still, it is safe and will not have electric shock behavior. The most afraid thing is when digging the cable, The excavator operator has to open the door or touch other conductive objects under uncertain circumstances

when the excavator gets an electric shock, don't try to get out of the car and escape. In fact, staying in the car will be safer than running blindly. Thirdly, if you have run out of the car in a panic, and fortunately there is no electric shock, you must learn to jump with rabbits. Don't walk with two legs. When you reach tens of meters away, it means you are safe. If you are not sure about the so-called cupping experiment, that is, use a steel ball or ball punch of a certain specification to determine the distance of 10 meters. You can move your legs slowly and move close to the ground. If there is a tingling feeling, keep the rabbit jumping away

if you are sure that your excavator has been electrocuted and that you are not injured, work with other operators on the ground to command the surrounding people to disperse, evacuate to a distance of at least 10 meters from the car body, and prevent anyone from entering or approaching the electrocuted car body

of course, first of all, we need to make sure that our excavators are safe. Customers should be careful when choosing pulling machines. Don't easily work in unknown road sections, and don't work in the place of bottom wires. This kind of thing is most likely to happen in these places. Please dig machine Masters love life

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