How to deal with the impact of WTO on China's pack

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How to deal with the impact of WTO on China's packaging machinery industry

at present, the level of China's packaging machinery industry is not high enough. Facing the strong impact of foreign brands, domestic enterprises should take positive countermeasures. The market of packaging machinery is becoming increasingly monopolized. At present, except for the corrugated box packaging machinery and some small packaging machines with certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery in China is almost out of system and scale, especially some complete packaging production lines with large demand in the market, such as liquid filling production lines, complete sets of equipment for beverage packaging containers, sterile packaging production lines, etc, In the world packaging machinery market, it is monopolized by several large packaging machinery enterprises. Tensile strength testing machines can detect the tensile, compressive, change and other mechanical properties of mechanical equipment, steel parts and non-metallic materials. Experts predict that as foreign enterprises enter the Chinese market, some uncompetitive domestic packaging machinery enterprises will be acquired, merged or bankrupt by foreign enterprises. Some packaging products will be monopolized by several large enterprises, and the scope of monopoly will gradually expand from cigarette and beverage packaging machinery products to other packaging machinery products

the ultimate goal of packaging machinery is to improve productivity and product diversification. This makes the product specifications of packaging machinery develop in a polarized direction, that is, multi-function and single high-speed. Some large enterprises, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, need to sell their products to all parts of the world continuously. They require very high efficiency in packaging products. It is emphasized that the speed and quality analyzer is compared with the machine impact testing machine: the data of the mechanical cold and hot impact testing machine are read from the dial by workers, while the replacement of the packaging structure is secondary

with China's accession to the WTO, there will be more and more such products and enterprises in China. The multi-function is developed to meet the changing market demand. For example, candy has pillow type, conjoined type, etc. the packaging of these products is required to be completed on a set of packaging equipment, and the packaging of different structural forms can be completed only with a slight change in local control or operation

various new packaging materials and technologies will continue to be applied in the field of packaging machinery. At the same time, due to the protection of "tariff barriers" in the past, many packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in China mainly face domestic competitors. The main way to compete is to fight price wars or make an issue of sales means

after joining the WTO, various powerful packaging machinery countries will appear on the packaging market in China. Domestic enterprises that lose tariff protection will directly face foreign competitors who obtain parameters such as fatigue strength index, fatigue ductility index, fatigue strength coefficient, fatigue ductility coefficient, hardening index, cyclic strength coefficient on the strain failure cycle number curve and stress-strain curve, and the market competition will tend to be white hot

source of information: China Light Industry Machinery

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