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How to deal with the problem of die-cutting indentation line burst

when we die-cutting printed matter, we often have the problem of indentation line burst. If we can't solve it in time, it will seriously affect the quality of products

when the indentation line bursts, the paper quality of the printed matter in the two places is analyzed and judged. Then, after measuring the elastic modulus of low carbon steel, select a non indentation position on the defective product with the indentation line burst, and use the method of folding the paperboard vertically once and then horizontally once to judge whether it is a paper problem. If the cracks in the crease line appear light and heavy, it proves that it is indeed a quality problem of the paper. Then use several coated sheets of paper equivalent to the thickness of a piece of white paper to die cut on the machine once to see if the trace line of the first coated sheet on it is broken. If it is not broken, it proves that the pressure of the machine and the bottom mold are normal

if it is a paper problem, the experimental machine with constant displacement control (speed control) is used to cut the synthetic paper equivalent to the thickness of 80g/m square coated paper into 2cm wide strips, and then stick the strips to the indentation line of the die-cutting die. The folded center line of the strips is aligned with the steel wire of the die, and both sides are fixed with double-sided tape. The tape cannot exceed the center line. If the product to be processed has many indentation lines, each indentation line should be pasted with synthetic paper. You can die-cut a piece first to check the effect of the die-cutting trace line. If the effect is not obvious, a layer of synthetic paper can be pasted on the mark line. The domestic start is relatively late, and it can be pasted to 3-4 layers at most. If there is no such synthetic paper, it can also be substituted with OPP plastic tape, but OPP tape is not durable and should be replaced in time

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