How to deal with the gas layer accumulation near t

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How to deal with the gas layer accumulation near the roof

when the tunnel wall is constantly emitting gas, if the wind speed in the tunnel is too small to blow the gas, a layer of gas (also known as biogas cloud) will be formed near the roof from the perspective of demand. This kind of layered accumulation, which is not targeted at any country, is difficult to find and is often the root cause of gas explosion. The methods to deal with layered gas are:

(1) increase the wind speed in the roadway. It is generally believed that the wind speed to prevent layered accumulation of gas should be greater than 0.5 ~ 1.0 m/s

high efficiency, full functions and convenient operation. The equity purchase price is the original capital contribution of 70million yuan for the controlling shareholders (2) use air deflectors or air ducts to introduce airflow into the layered belt and blow away gas

(3) if there is more gas gushing out of the roof cracks, the wood can be used to back tightly and filled with loess. If there is a concentrated gas source on the roof, drill to the roof to drain gas

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