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The international food and pharmaceutical daily chemical packaging exhibition starts the top plan

the international food and pharmaceutical daily chemical packaging exhibition (fpc-pack), known as the packaging Olympics by the industry, will be held in Guangzhou new stadium Exhibition Center in March 2007. It recently launched a top plan aimed at improving the value of the exhibition, which mainly includes five parts

set up a visit fund. In order to encourage Chinese enterprises to choose internationally leading exhibits and technologies, the organizer will set up a special visit fund to reward individuals and companies selected as top visitors, top new projects and top buyers

top exhibitor program. Invite the world's top ten leading manufacturers of direct packaging and processing machinery for fast moving consumer goods to participate in the exhibition, and take the lead in exhibiting the world's leading packaging technology in China, so as to provide the best production line scheme for the quality and safety of Olympic food and the innovation of packaging, which is an important gateway open to ASEAN

top visitor plan. Invite the heads of all factories in China of food industry enterprises sponsoring the Olympic Games to visit

top new project. After inviting all enterprises that expanded, newly built, put new products into production, and carried out the technological transformation of portable durometer during the Olympic Games, the audition evaluated that the FMCG production investment project with the largest investment, the highest attention, and leading production and packaging is the top award, which will be rewarded

top purchaser. Companies that have made great progress and breakthroughs in directly going to China's plastic extruder Market for machinery procurement at the exhibition will be rewarded by selecting the audience with the largest amount of procurement and the largest number of machinery procurement during the conference through post conference investigation and follow-up confirmation

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