How to deal with the huge traffic of double 11

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Odijian: how can express customer service cope with the huge traffic of the double 11

as the double 11 Shopping Festival approaches, all major e-commerce platforms are ready to prepare in all aspects

at the same time, the logistics industry, which is closely related to it, faces great pressure on how to quickly and safely deliver it to customers in the face of surge package increment

therefore, the number of customer service in the logistics industry will also increase explosively. How to speed up, increase efficiency and provide satisfactory service in the customer service center has also become a problem that managers must consider. The customer service system can ensure that the order is simple and convenient, the package is queried quickly, and the complaint is fed back in time, which has become one of the core competitiveness of the logistics company, including the relevant personnel of the business department selling products

ordijian call center system makes use of its own technical advantages and combines the business characteristics and processes of logistics to establish a set of perfect customer service center solutions to provide customers with comprehensive service and support from technology to application, from customer service to management

intelligent IVR self-service, improve customer experience

intelligent IVR docking logistics business system can quickly retrieve logistics status according to the information provided by customers. Customers call to inquire about the express order, and enter the express order number to broadcast the latest express information, which greatly reduces manual input

mobile applications, anytime, anywhere services

Audi will open up a new way for the effective development of polylactic acid, but it is unlikely that the flexible packaging materials can be directly replaced with recycled cardboard. A new road is built to connect the embedded IP extension with the mobile CRM system. The incoming calls of customers can be immediately assigned to the mobile IP extension () of express delivery personnel. Connecting with CRM can realize the bounce screen of incoming calls and realize multi-channel collaboration

Omni channel access

adikin call center platform realizes channel collaboration such as Im, Weibo and so on. No matter how customers consult, the new customer service can track their feedback throughout the process

no loss of recording, ensuring fair evaluation

adikin call center platform adopts streaming media direct recording technology and retrospective voice access technology to achieve 100% recording without loss, which can be used as a reliable basis for express complaints and customer service evaluation

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