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Intelligent manufacturing is coming. How to deal with the development of intelligent manufacturing is in the ascendant. Its characteristics of manufacturing service, customization and personalization, decentralized organization and cloud based manufacturing resources will have a revolutionary impact on the post setting, business format, management mode and decision-making mode of the manufacturing industry. The changes in job setting caused by intelligent production mode, especially the rapid development of machine replacement, will have a huge impact on skilled low-end jobs dominated by processing and manufacturing in labor-intensive industries

at present, China's manufacturing industry is suffering from the impact of intellectualization from quantitative change to qualitative change. When a large number of low-tech jobs disappeared and the same operator clamped the cleaned surface samples on the turntable, new technologies, new formats, new industries and new jobs relying on Intelligent Manufacturing came into being, such as the production, installation, commissioning, maintenance and other posts of intelligent equipment, as well as the posts of Technology research and development, product design, software services, data management, testing and verification based on intelligent manufacturing, A huge talent demand gap is forming

higher vocational education is currently at the forefront of the intelligent manufacturing revolution. The original professional setting based on traditional industries will inevitably fall behind the development of intelligent manufacturing industry if it does not seize the opportunity to adjust as soon as possible. Facing the wave of intelligent manufacturing, professional reform of higher vocational education is imperative

adapt to the high-end manufacturing industry, adjust the professional service orientation, highlight the high requirements

the requirements of made in China 2025, and vigorously develop the high-end manufacturing industry in ten key areas, such as the new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, etc. In terms of professional fields, the professional categories corresponding to the top ten high-end manufacturing industries mainly involve electronic information, equipment manufacturing, transportation, energy, power and materials, biology and chemical industry, etc; Among the major categories of equipment manufacturing, the high-end manufacturing industry involves all professional categories and majors, such as mechanical design and manufacturing, electromechanical equipment, automation, railway equipment, ship and ocean engineering equipment, aviation equipment, automobile manufacturing, etc

it can be seen that intelligent manufacturing will have a wide and far-reaching impact on the profession. The high-end and intelligent manufacturing industry will drive industrial posts, materials, technologies, processes, management and other elements to the high end of the value chain, and will bring qualitative changes to the ways, contents, methods and tools of professional posts. The extension and connotation of Higher Vocational Education Majors closely related to professional posts will also change

in terms of professional industrial services, it will change from serving the traditional manufacturing industry to serving the high-end manufacturing industry. For example, electromechanical equipment, railway equipment, marine and ocean engineering equipment, aviation equipment and other related majors should comply with the high-end industry and products, and adjust to the high-end and intelligent manufacturing industry in the ten key areas

in terms of professional post service, it will increase by 10.67% from the production, operation, installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance and other posts of ordinary mechanical equipment to the corresponding posts of manufacturing equipment. For example, majors such as numerical control technology and manufacturing and maintenance of railway rolling stock should cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents to meet the needs of high-end manufacturing positions for the production, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of high-end numerical control machine tools and robots, high-speed trains and urban rail transit equipment

serve the intellectualization of production process, integrate intelligent manufacturing elements, highlight the requirements of "made in China 2025", accelerate the intelligent transformation of production equipment in machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, light industry, textile, food, electronics and other industries, and pilot the construction of intelligent factories/digital workshops. To implement the intelligent transformation of traditional industries, we must speed up the application of intelligent technologies and equipment in the production process, such as human-computer intelligent interaction, industrial robots, intelligent logistics management, additive manufacturing, etc. Intelligent technology is based on the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing technology. It needs the support of new sensing technology, advanced control and optimization technology, high reliable real-time communication, modeling and simulation technology, industrial interconnection and other key common technologies

talents who meet the needs of intelligent manufacturing must be interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary compound talents with various abilities. Therefore, the original professional subdivision training mode suitable for cultivating narrow caliber and specialized talents will no longer meet the training requirements of intelligent talents, and the professional group training mode that can gather multiple majors with internal relevance will be more suitable for the training requirements. This requires the traditional engineering majors to adjust the training direction, rely on and expand the professional group, and promote the transformation of talent training from specialization to compound

how to realize this transformation? Traditional engineering majors must integrate the elements of intelligent manufacturing technology, cross integrate different disciplines such as automatic control, information engineering, communication engineering, network engineering, system engineering, and pay attention to the agglomeration of professional groups, so as to cultivate interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary talents who master the new generation of information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing technology. For example, mechanical manufacturing majors must cultivate and set up cross majors such as mechanical design and manufacturing, computer-aided design and virtual simulation design through the cross integration of software engineering and information engineering majors, so as to meet the needs of intelligent manufacturing jobs such as product design, process optimization and production system management, and achieve CAD (computer-aided design), CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) Cam (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CAPP (computer aided process design) or PDM (Product Data Management) and other industrial design and information technology cross ability of compound talent training

connect the new development of intelligent business forms, cultivate and set up intelligent manufacturing majors with a global output of more than 1.5 million tons, and highlight new requirements

according to the goal of the intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016 2020), China will develop a number of key technical equipment for intelligent manufacturing, break through a number of key common technologies for intelligent manufacturing, create an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, and comprehensively realize intelligent transformation in key areas of manufacturing

while the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing has impacted on traditional industries and jobs, new intelligent industries such as high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots, additive manufacturing, intelligent logistics and warehousing, new intelligent products such as intelligent United Automobile, intelligent engineering machinery and service robots, new intelligent technologies such as special process and precision manufacturing technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing technology and application, process simulation software New industrial control, business management and data management software such as enterprise resource management software (ERP), embedded database system and real-time data intelligent processing system, as well as new intelligent standards such as basic common standards such as reference model and identification analysis, and key technical standards such as data format, communication protocol and interface. These new emerging industries, equipment products, technological processes, software standards, etc. brought about by intelligent manufacturing will inevitably need the support of corresponding professionals

vocational colleges should actively adapt to the development trend of intelligent manufacturing technology, and add cutting-edge and scarce majors according to the latest professional catalogue of higher vocational education, such as intelligent control technology, cloud computing technology and application, additive manufacturing technology, industrial IOT technology and other majors; According to the new business forms, new technologies, new products and new models derived from intelligent manufacturing, develop new specialties of intelligent manufacturing, such as service robot technology, artificial intelligence technology, industrial and management software technology, big data technology and other emerging specialties, so as to meet the needs of intelligent manufacturing for emerging professionals as soon as possible

the adjustment and setting of intelligent manufacturing related majors is the inevitable requirement of China's economic transformation and upgrading, and it is also the duty of higher vocational education. Higher vocational colleges should further strengthen the research on the connotation elements of intelligent manufacturing, the characteristics of the rising momentum of cobalt prices, path strategies and other aspects, improve the foresight, scientificity and pertinence of specialty setting, and provide strong intellectual support and talent support for the development of intelligent manufacturing industry

(the author is an associate professor of Shandong Binzhou Vocational College)

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