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How to deal with customer relationship management of construction machinery

how to deal with customer relationship management of construction machinery

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Guide: Growth: the eternal theme of enterprises growth is the eternal theme of enterprises. Product innovation, quality improvement, strategic mergers and acquisitions, huge advertising and other factors can bring growth, but the cost is also considerable. In order to achieve the required growth and reduce these costs, enterprises are committed to building customer loyalty

growth: the eternal theme of enterprises

growth is the eternal theme of enterprises. Product innovation, quality improvement, strategic mergers and acquisitions, huge advertising and other factors can bring growth, but the cost is also considerable. In order to achieve the growth of needs and reduce these costs, enterprises are committed to building customer loyalty. The goal of customer relationship management is to successfully influence people's consciousness and reduce customer loss while making money

under the cruel fact, enterprises need certain skills to retain customers. There is no doubt that enterprises will inevitably encounter the following eight cruel facts when establishing relations with customers

(1) we are in the price chain where customers pay everything. Who will pay for tonight's dinner? This is a question that is raised all the time in business. The answer is: customers. Whether it is the direct customer, the manufacturer who buys spare parts from the supplier, or the agent who buys finished products from the manufacturer, the customer pays everything in every link

(2) customers don't want to buy the goods we sell. Agents sell mechanical equipment, accessories, services and spare parts. For agents, each item is a product that generates income; On the contrary, the same project reduces the cost of profits for customers. In this sense, what customers want to buy is different from what enterprises want to sell

(3) not all customers in the value chain get real attention. There are probably three kinds of relationships in the value chain. The first is the short-term trade relationship. Whether it is the relationship between manufacturing and component suppliers, manufacturers and agents, or agents and customers, in the traditional sense, their relationship is very simple. They all obtain competitive purchase terms from suppliers through negotiation, and at the same time negotiate with the next customer to obtain very favorable sales terms. Spiritually, customers don't get real care. The second is partnership, that is, cooperative relationship, which is an extension of the traditional relationship. Through communication, the two sides get along in good faith to build confidence, trust, respect and loyalty. Does this partnership really care for customers in the value chain? The answer is also negative. The third is that the real attention to customers is reflected in "extended enterprises". Under this relationship, enterprises really understand the operation of customers, and establish core competitiveness for customer value-added. High frequency fatigue testing machines have advantages in various types of fatigue testing machines

(4) the concerns of customers are inconsistent with those of enterprises. What do customers care about? From the perspective of supply chain, no matter what the customer does, such as the cement factory produces cement, each ton of cement has sales revenue and operating costs. Therefore, his concerns include financing costs, operator costs, etc. How to use the equipment to create the highest benefits at the lowest cost; Manufacturers are concerned about equipment performance and productivity. What customers really need is how to realize value-added. Only when the manufacturer's products are combined with the agent network, can they have the opportunity to provide more value-added to customers

(5) the only demand of customers is solutions. Solve the problems that need to be solved at the lowest cost and in the shortest time. The needs of customers are so simple. What enterprises need to do is to provide comprehensive solutions for users from the aspects of mechanical equipment, financing, maintenance, services, parts, equipment disposal and consultation

(6) the cost of losing customers is huge, and replacing customers is a challenge. Make a simple mathematical derivation: assume that the enterprise has 100 customers, and ensure that 80% of its old customers continue to buy products every year. After five years, the enterprise will lose 67% of its customers (in the case of no new customers). Do agents and manufacturers have a system to measure the return rate of corporate customers? Are you working hard to retain customers, or is it a one-time deal? This is particularly important for the study of customer relations. What is the cost of losing customers? This year, even in the next 5 or 10 years, we can't make any profits from this customer; Other customers see or hear the public impact of the decision made by this customer, which is likely to become a sharp weapon for competitors to attack you. Relatively speaking, new customers are more challenging than old ones. The reason why it takes time to add new customers is that the salesperson should know the main personnel of the customer, understand the customer's problems, understand the application field, operation and demand of the customer's equipment, and the customer's industry, and finally determine the goal and formulate the plan. The time cost of this process is obviously very large

(7) every customer is different, and no one method is applicable to the market of all industries. We should distinguish the types of customers, equipment owners or buyers, managers or operators; Existing customers, target customers or potential customers; Are they government customers, state-owned enterprises, large contractors or self purchase and self use customers; What customers care about is the price, performance, productivity or reputation of the product; Whether the equipment purchased by customers is used for mining, excavation, heavy construction or general construction must be clarified

(8) the equipment itself is a necessary performance, and the service is a sufficient condition, "it's man-made". To really improve the customer relationship and understand how to establish the customer relationship in all links of the company's operation can not be achieved simply by relying on software. How to meet customers' needs, how to provide customers with overall solutions, how to retain customers and win new customers, and how to make enterprise personnel become the best in the industry in the eyes of customers? These are "man-made". Enterprises should strive to align the interests of customers, salespersons, agents and manufacturers. In other words, whether the salespersons of enterprises have clear responsibilities, rich knowledge and good motivation, and whether they have mastered the right time


the reason why China Longgong has such a development has always been adhering to the marketing concept of "customer-centric". The development and growth of China Longgong is based on the accumulation of customer value

with the rapid development, Longgong has established the concept of big marketing. The marketing and sales head office is the core of Longgong, and the core of each department of the sales head office is the customer. The work of each position of Longgong must focus on the customer who finally buys your product. Therefore, as our agents, whether all companies can also learn from this concept is not only for the front-line staff to face customers, but also for each staff to establish contact with customers

centering on the concept of big marketing, Longgong has always adhered to one principle and three advantages in the management of agency mechanism for more than ten years

one of the major principles is the principle of agency system, and never engage in direct sales. Three advantages, that is, no matter what products Longgong makes, it must have quality advantages, service advantages and sex, most of which are all price comparison advantages of a large flexible packaging manufacturer who does not want to be named publicly. With the three major advantages, agents have the strength and confidence to help manufacturers expand the market and have the foundation to deal with customer relations in a real sense. In addition, we will promote the "feelings + management" model, and form a cooperative atmosphere of "love, righteousness and benefit, unity of mind and win-win" with agents under the guiding ideology of advocating "Longgong family"

manufacturers must pay attention to how to grow together with agents while they continue to grow, especially rapidly. More importantly, manufacturers should understand their different needs and strategies at different stages of agent development, as well as the next development plan. Customer off 3 In terms of the management of the contact system between the toothed bar pressing plate and the toothed bar, the manufacturer must bear the main responsibility of paying attention to the lifelong value of end users, and give the agent the greatest support and cooperation in terms of policy, products, technology, services, etc. The core of customer relationship management is whether customers are confident about the products they use. If we can actively mobilize the existing resources of various agents to make customers feel sincere friendship after purchasing products, over time, it is bound to form a relatively stable and highly loyal user group around the agents, the market will be more open, and the profit will naturally come naturally

some bosses believe that their company's CRM is LGD, that is, lunch, golf and dinner. Now the time to launch the customer relationship management system is far from mature, so the company's customer relationship is mainly established and maintained by traditional methods, and it is also well maintained at present. Indeed, the important goal of CRM is to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and the cultivation of customer loyalty is inseparable from the company's "emotional investment" in customers. CRM without CRM system can be done, but CRM with CRM system can be done better. Different enterprises may have different practices, but when the scale of enterprises develops to a certain extent, enterprises need to rely on systems and norms to maintain and develop. At this time, the enterprise's customer relationship management must not only rely on "emotional investment", but need to use advanced IT technology to establish customer database, and use modern data analysis technology to strengthen the analysis and processing of data, so as to extract some meaningful information for the company and provide support for the company's marketing and service decisions; At the same time, enterprises should also provide customers with personalized customized services and customized marketing information with obvious relaxation characteristics through the analysis of customer behavior. In a word, the "emotional investment" and "CRM information system" of enterprises in the future cannot be less

the relationship between customers and employees = the relationship between games

customers and employees are not God far away, but a relationship of mutual game. When the theory of game is used in the development of Tianyuan, it is embodied in choice and defense. Tianyuan doesn't think that customers are cultivated, but selected by agents; As construction machinery agents, we must always know how to defend ourselves

the game is between the interests of merchants and customers. The interests of the two have something in common. They are very similar in form, which can be summarized as "value for money", but the connotation is different. The "value for money" of merchants can be understood as "high quality and good price", while the interests of customers can be understood as "good quality and low price". Good quality and low price means that customers will make an evaluation of "good brand, high quality and excellent service" for products. The service content includes: pre-sales service (Advisory product recommendation) and after-sales service (parts, maintenance and repair, etc.) to recommend and sell products

what can we do in the process of such a game? One is to increase the inventory of parts and increase staff training. What else can we guarantee? Positive working attitude, effective investigation and command, reasonable employee income. Tianyuan Group has developed a set of ERP software - construction machinery business intelligence system, which is customized for Tianyuan

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