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In April, 2003, the national computer grade examination level III PC technology test questions

I. multiple choice questions ((1) ~ (60) questions, 1 point per sub question, a total of 60 points)

the following questions a), b), c) and D), only one of the four options is correct. Please write the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and answer it on the test paper without scoring

(1) generally speaking, the 32-bit computer refers to

a) the word length of CPU is 32 bits b) the number of general registers is 32

c) the length of data that can be processed is 32 bits d) the width of address bus is 32 bits

(2) from the perspective of the logical composition of the computer, generally speaking, the "host" of PC includes

a) central processing unit (CPU) and bus

b) central processing unit (CPU) and main memory

c) central processing unit (CPU) Main memory and bus

d) central processing unit (CPU), main memory and peripherals

(3 mostly due to the negative reports on material processing in China) in addition to the performance of the i/o equipment itself, the main factors affecting the computer i/o data transmission speed are

a) the transmission rate of the system main line

b) the capacity of main memory

c) the performance of cache memory

d) the word length of CPU

(4) in Pentium microprocessors, The format of floating-point number adopts IEEE754 standard. Suppose a normalized 32-bit floating-point number is as follows


the decimal value of this number is

a) -2.75

b) -16.75

c) -20.75

d) -18.75

(5) at present, most PC users in China still use gb-2312 national standard Chinese character coding for Chinese information processing. The following is the description of using gb-2312 for Chinese character input and output, in which the error is

A) using different Chinese character input methods, the "input code" of Chinese characters is not exactly the same

b) using different input methods to input the same Chinese character, its internal code is not necessarily the same

C) when outputting Chinese characters, it is necessary to convert the internal code of Chinese characters into readable Chinese characters

d) the same Chinese character is in different word libraries, Font types are different

(6) the following is the description of hypertext, of which the error is

a) hypertext nodes can be text, graphics, images Sound and other information

b) hypertext nodes are linked by pointers

c) the relationship between hypertext nodes is linear

d) hypertext nodes can be distributed in different WWW servers on the Internet

(7) in the following description of PC digital sound, the correct is

a) when the voice signal is digitized, the amount of data generated per second is about 64KB (kilobytes)

b) digital sound in PC, It refers to the "extremely light waveform sound" obtained after digitizing the waveform signal of sound

C) the data volume of waveform sound is large, and generally needs to be compressed and numbered

d) MIDI is a special waveform sound

(8) mp3 is a widely used digital sound format. In the following description of MP3, the correct one is

a) compared with MIDI, when expressing the same song, its data volume is much less than MIDI sound

b) MP3 sound is a kind of full band sound data. Liansu said it plans to build two new factories this year and get it after compression coding

c) the code rate of MP3 sound is about 56KB/s, Suitable for real-time playback on the

d) the quality of MP3 sound is almost equal to that of CD sound

(9) there are many image file formats used in computers. In the following description of common image files, the error is

A) JPG "image file is a file generated by compressing and encoding still images according to JPEG standard

b) BMP image file is widely supported by almost all image application software in Windows environment

C) TIF image file is widely used in scanners and desktop printing systems

d) GIF image file can support animation, However, it does not support the progressive display of images

(10) the amount of data of digital video information is quite large, which is a great burden on the storage, processing and transmission of PC. therefore, it is necessary to compress and encode the digital video information. At present, the compression coding standard used for digital video stored on VCD discs is


b) MPEG-2


d) MPEG-7

(11) at present, among the following methods for home computer users to access the Internet in China, the fastest transmission speed is

A) FTTH + Ethernet


C) modem

D) ISDN <./p>

(12) wide area (WAN) is a computer network that spans a large geographical range. In the following description of wide area, it is correct that

a) wide area is a general computer network, and all users can access the wide area

b) wide area uses a dedicated communication line, and the data transmission rate is very high

c) Internet, crenet, ATM, X.25, etc. are wide area

d) wide area data communication is carried out by broadcast

(13) Pentium microprocessor adopts superscalar architecture. How many instruction pipelines does the Pentium 4 microprocessor have

a) 1

b) 3

c) 5

d) 6

(14 ° C) ?? ? O Liao? ) The register set of Pentium microprocessor is extended on the basis of 8086/8088 microprocessor. The following is a description of register groups in Pentium microprocessors, of which the correct one is

A) all registers are extended from 16 bits to 32 bits

b) eax, ebx, ECX, EDX, esp, EBP, ESI and EDI can be used as 32-bit or 16 bit or 8-bit registers, and all registers in

C) option B) can be used to store data, It can also be used as a base address or index register

d) segment registers are increased from 4 to 6

(15) which operating mode does the Pentium microprocessor enter first after resetting

a) real mode

b) protection mode

c) virtual mode

d) system management mode

(16) in virtual 8086 mode, the privilege level of the application is

a) level 0

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