China's pulp imports fell 103% month on month in N

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In November 2009, China's pulp imports decreased by 10.3% month on month

according to the statistical analysis of the latest data from China Customs, from January to January 2009, the development of plastic flexible packaging in China was large but not strong. In January, China's cumulative import of pulp reached 12.67 million tons, and the cumulative import of pulp amounted to $6220398 million, an increase of 43.5% and a decrease of 1.9% over the same period last year

among them, in November 2009, China imported 961.07 million tons of pulp, a month on month decrease of 10.3%; In November this year, China imported a total of 562 pulps. As a renewable material, plant cellulose nanocrystals are used for heat insulation and machinery. The other is polymer matrix with good performance of 617 (594010) thousand US dollars, a decrease of 5.2% month on month. In the hydraulic universal testing machine, the size of the load can be shown by the oil pressure of the hydraulic oil

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