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On June 6, it was learned from Zibo High tech Industrial Development Zone that Shandong Huiying New Material Technology Co., Ltd. used the one-step polymerization patented technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build a 20000 ton/year fully biodegradable plastic polybutylene succinate (PBS) device, which is convenient to operate, and officially put into operation last week. So far, the company has formed an annual production capacity of 25000 tons of PBS, and has become the largest PBS production base in the world

in November 2010, Shandong Huiying adopted the one-step polymerization technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the biggest factor to promote the use of clean energy. The first 500 liter PBS pilot plant was built and successfully tested at one time. All indicators of the product are superior to similar foreign products. In June 2012, the company built a 5000 ton/year PBS production plant and began industrial production. At the end of May this year, they built another 20000 ton/year production plant, making the annual production capacity of PBS reach 25000 tons, becoming the world's largest producer. Zhang Kaijun, chairman of the company, said: they plan to build another 80000 T/a PBS device within this year, forming a production capacity of 105000 T/a PBS

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