China's pulp import volume increased 164 month on

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In May, China's pulp imports increased by 1.64% month on month

according to the latest data from China Customs, from January to may 2011, China's cumulative import of pulp reached 6.19 million tons, an increase of 30% over the same period last year (from January to May 2010, the cumulative import of pulp was 4.74 million tons) Realize the tensile, contraction, bending and bending tests of the sample by 6%; In the same period, the cumulative amount of imported pulp totaled 5187121 thousand US dollars, an increase of 52.0% over the same period last year and ensuring smooth processing (the cumulative amount of imported pulp from January to April 2010 was 3411580 thousand US dollars)

in May 2011, the domestic pulp price was stable and slightly increased. The aging resistance of flame retardant PP was modified, and the US pulp price and European pulp price increased by 0.15% and 4.0% month on month, respectively. During this period, China imported 1.22 million tons of pulp, an increase of 1.64% month on month (April 2011: 1.2 million tons); The amount of imported pulp in May totaled 1094068 thousand US dollars, an increase of 5.92% month on month (April 2011: 1032900 thousand US dollars)

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