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Taste the "bonus" of high-speed rail. The overseas business growth of Chinese railway enterprises is faster than that of domestic railway enterprises. Some insiders pointed out that the introduction of the "the Belt and Road" policy first develops the infrastructure business, which will be conducive to the expansion of overseas business of railway infrastructure related companies and improve their overseas earnings

According to Xu Shaoshi, director of China's national development and Reform Commission, during the national "two sessions", among the railway sea projects, at least Yawan high-speed railway, China Laos railway, China Thailand railway, Hungary Serbia railway, Moscow Kazan high-speed railway have begun to survey, and Brazil Peru railway has also begun to survey

it is also reported that overseas projects to be promoted in railway construction this year include Moscow Kazan high-speed railway in Russia, Western express in the United States, Malaysia Singapore high-speed railway, two ocean railway across the continent with oil output of oil return pipe of oil delivery valve in South America, Tanzania Zambia railway, etc

it is worth noting that among the railway projects obtained overseas, many projects are implemented in Southeast Asia. For example, at the end of 2015, the China Laos railway project was officially signed in Beijing

it is understood that the China Laos railway is the first high-speed railway. The plan will greatly speed up the development of China's waterproof coating market and develop an overseas railway project with Chinese investment, construction and operation, which is directly connected with Chinese railways. The total length of the project is 418 kilometers, the speed is 160 kilometers per hour, and the total investment is 40 billion yuan. China and Laos jointly construct the project according to the equity ratio of 7:3

overseas business growth is faster than domestic

in fact, after the introduction of the "the Belt and Road" policy, the expansion of overseas business of railway infrastructure enterprises began to accelerate

"the growth rate of overseas railway construction business of the company has exceeded that of domestic." Yu Xingxi, Secretary of the board of directors of China Railway Construction Corporation, revealed. According to the 2015 semi annual report of China Railway Construction Corporation, the company achieved operating revenue in the first half of 2015.26 it also allowed material manufacturers to strengthen close cooperation with automotive OEM manufacturers, parts and R & D institutions; This event will give the automotive industry the strongest voice in the face of lightweight and new energy technology innovation. 2.894 billion yuan can be clearly seen on the electronic tensile testing machine deformation (or stress-strain) curve, with a year-on-year increase of 0.27%

baorongfu, a researcher in galaxy securities industry, analyzed that "the proportion of newly signed overseas contracts of China railway construction has increased year by year, reaching 19.45% by the end of the first half of 2015. Overseas business covers 83 countries and 520 projects are under construction. In addition, the fixed increase of the company last year is also conducive to the development of the company's overseas business"

Shenwan Hongyuan lulingling believes that China Railway will benefit from the catalysis of the "the Belt and Road" policy in the future. Under the leadership of the general railway administration, the company will actively participate in the bidding construction of China Laos, China Thailand and Indonesia high-speed railway, and accelerate the pace of Railway "going global"

according to China Railway, China Railway has always adhered to the "going out" strategy for many years, and has successively completed a large number of major international engineering projects, such as the Palm Island reclamation project in the United Arab Emirates and the reconstruction of the Nigerian Railway. By the end of 2015, China railway had achieved a total of more than $70 billion in newly signed overseas contracts and completed a turnover of more than $30 billion

"at present, we have overseas institutions in 72 overseas countries to carry out business, and more than 300 construction projects are under construction." Yu Tengqun, the Secretary of the board of directors of China Railway, said that at present, with the in-depth promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" and other strategies, enterprises are facing the historic opportunity of "going global". China Railway will further accelerate the implementation of the new strategy of international operation, and spare no effort to promote international operation with new status, new measures and new actions, striving to significantly enhance the international competitiveness and realize the leapfrog development of overseas business by the end of the 13th five year plan

some insiders said that while vigorously developing high-speed rail in China, the relevant technology has matured and even reached the world-class level. At the same time, in terms of price advantage, it will help Chinese enterprises "go global" and increase the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the international market

according to the world bank, the cost of building one kilometer of high-speed railway in China is US $17million to US $21million; In Europe, the figure is $25million to $39million; In California, the United States, up to $52million

however, Yu Xingxi, Secretary of the board of directors of China railway construction, revealed that due to the fierce competition in the infrastructure market, the current market price has been very low. "In the process of the rapid development of high-speed rail at home and abroad, the market share will also expand, which is conducive to the recovery of prices."

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