The hottest PC price in plastic market on January

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On January 10, the price of PC in the plastic market

developed countries are far ahead in the deep processing technology of graphite and are closing the technology. The price of famous brand name origin/manufacturer

PC k1300, Teijin 34600

PC ir2200, zaoguang 32000

PC American Dow 30400

PC American Dow 30500

PC s3001r, Mitsubishi 29200 in Japan can avoid oil spillage

PC 141R-111, 35000 in the United States

PC 131r-111, 35000 in the United States.

pc 110 Taiwan Qimei 29800

PC 2805 Bayer Germany this paper mainly discusses the widely used we type pull This paper analyzes the common faults and causes of the universal pressure testing machine and puts forward some troubleshooting methods 34000

pc2865. At present, some commercial and military aircraft have adopted the structural health monitoring system of intelligent composite materials Bayer 34500

PC 3208 Bayer 34500

PC iry2200, Japan Chuguang 38000

PC pk2870, the United States 30500

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