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PC food packaging is harmful to health. BPA (or "bisphenol") is one of the most widely used industrial compounds in the world. Polycarbonate plastic used to make transparent containers for many foods and beverages contains this key substance. Polycarbonate plastics are very useful in the manufacture of baby bottles and other goods, because they have the characteristics of durability, lightness and fall resistance. Without BPA, baby bottles cannot have these characteristics. In addition to making hard plastics, BPA is also used to make food bags and beverage bottles. In addition, BPA is also contained in the sealing layer used as the chewing surface of molars when filling and repairing teeth, including some sealing layers used to prevent dental caries in children

this chemical can be separated from plastic, especially when it is heated, scrubbed with rough detergent, or in contact with acidic food or beverages

a report published on April 14, 2005 by the US Environmental Health Outlook magazine station said that more and more evidence showed that a small amount of this substance leaked from plastic bottles and food packaging bags may pose a threat to health. However, almost all Americans examined have been detected to have BPA in their bodies

the authors of this report are scientists Frederick on Sal and Claude Hughes. They reviewed 115 studies published last December to test the effects of low-dose BPA, 94 of which found that this chemical had adverse effects

in the report, Sal and Hughes mentioned contradictory research results: BPA was not found to be harmful in all 11 studies funded by chemical companies; In 104 studies funded by the government and non industrial organizations, 90% found that this chemical was harmful

toxicologists say that exposure to synthetic hormones will cause reproductive system and brain development disorders in newborn animals, and may eliminate white pollution and affect human fetuses and children. Since the late 1990s, some studies have found that when people are exposed to BPA, it has no effect on the human body; Other studies have shown that low doses of this chemical can mimic estrogen, block testosterone secretion and cause harm to laboratory animals

to this end, the authors of the report urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reassess the risk of BPA and consider limiting its use. It is reported that the California State Congress is considering a bill to prohibit the production of children's products containing the flapping wing humanized technology dashboard a of trumpchi GS5 central console, which first came to BP's attention. (shenxueyou)

source: China Guomen times

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