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PC control is the future development direction of packaging machines

the high molecular chain will naturally curl under the action of no external force. Cavana company in the United States is a packaging machine manufacturer serving packaging consumer goods. Bill stoebling, President, believes that PC control is the future development direction of packaging machines, "In the past, I was always puzzled by the fact that the company could clearly see that rigid PVC foamed plastic products were widely used and the market demand was large. Using PLC system on the machine and using only PC to process data, I later learned that the original PC (using Windows NT or windows 95 operating system) could greatly simplify all these things."

making work easier is only part of the reason. With the continuous improvement of PC processing speed and memory capacity, the PC based control system can speed up the setting and replacement time of the machine, track the working performance of the machine, send an alarm or make corrections when the machine deviates from the normal working state, refine the maintenance plan, assist in troubleshooting, and even call maintenance personnel or send some commands. PC based control system can be used not only to control a single machine, but also to control the whole production line

amway adopts the PC based HMI software developed by Wonderware to help operate a personal care product filling line. As a consumer product company, Amway welcomes this kind of human-machine interface/open control with the same price as the traditional PLC characterized by hard connection control panel, but with stronger functions. Although the actual demand is difficult to determine, it can be seen at the recent packaging exhibition that the number of PC based HMI controllers exceeds that of any other kind of controller

minimize the loss

the need to improve productivity, improve product quality and reduce production costs has promoted the growth of the demand for PC based HMI controllers, but another important point that cannot be ignored is how to reduce the equipment replacement time of the machine and the shutdown time of high-quality welding

pneumatic scale company uses the computer of Xycom automation company on the liquid net weight filling machine, which adopts the software control package with enhanced functions and prepared by the company itself. The tasks that can be performed include all functions of the hmi/control package based on PC. Through the software, the performance and status of each filling head can be monitored and adjusted as needed; The software also records the product and the packing box as a whole for future use and. The unqualified parameters can be reprogrammed, so that when the preset unqualified limit is reached, the filling head will automatically fail. In addition, real-time and historical change data can be browsed, reported and printed. The system can also collect production data, some of which can be modified to improve processing. These functions are very valuable for pharmaceutical manufacturers who want to keep detailed production records

this PC based control system provided by Rockwell Automation Company, steelchase software company, Wonderware company and many other large suppliers of control systems and equipment, in addition to providing connections for many machinery based equipment such as PLC and dial, it can also connect database software and enterprise information system. It needs to replace the tubing system with higher strength

what are the characteristics

the main characteristics of PC based control system include a user-friendly graphical user interface (used to display flow charts, charts and icons used by workers to quickly navigate) and pre configured code without writing programs. These are tools that can customize the interface. These tools make it easier to standardize the control hardware (provided by the above suppliers) and add fault alarm screens

PC based control system can also easily adapt to operation manuals and work aids. Metsys engineering company, a system integrator, has developed an HMI resident system, which uses Wonderware software to troubleshoot faults and provide instructions to clear cookies

cavanna added the mechanical manual and pictures related to all machine adjustments in its HMI, so the operator can clearly understand how to reset the dial, and then the software will verify whether the adjustments made are correct. In addition, these PC based systems can also carry out fault diagnosis, find replacement parts in the relevant electronic catalogue, and send commands with an internal modem

Rockwell Automation RSView32 HMI Software has an additional module that can improve the distribution of control related information. RSView32 messenger can send alerts, provide updates, and send reports using the alert and tag database that already exists in the program. The announcement can be sent by sound card, and can be spread by e-mail, pager, fax or other means. Set up the system to contact specific personnel in the work plan, and when the system does not receive the confirmation information, it will reissue the notice

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