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PayPal said that the volume of mobile payment business is as high as 10million dollars a day

news on June 27, according to foreign rubber static stiffness e-wan, first talk about where to play the function of the experimental machine yesterday: media news, PayPal, an American e-commerce service provider, said that the total amount of mobile payment is expected to reach 3billion dollars (about 1.9 billion pounds) in 2011, ranking third in the annual development of the company's businesses

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it is reported that this figure is much higher than the initial estimate of $1.5 billion. The company said the final amount is expected to be twice the initial estimate. Laura chambers, senior director of PayPal mobile payment, said that the amount of the company's mobile payment business is expected to rise from $6million a day to $10million in March this year

paypal quoted the latest research data of Forrester Research Company, saying that the mobile payment market is expected to hit the $6billion mark in 2011, so flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need it, and it may be close to $31billion in 2016

the huge mobile communication customer base is one of the pillars supporting the mobile payment business. According to statistics, the fixed customer base of mobile payment has increased from 6million to 8million. CCID China informatization ()

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