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The world's largest PBT plant was put into operation in Germany. The PBT plant contracted and constructed by Inventa Fischer, a member of the Swiss EMS group, was transferred to dubay polymers, a joint venture between DuPont and bell in mid February 2004. The company is located in Hamm uentrop, Germany. The PBT plant was successfully put into operation in December last year and is now in full commercial production

this PBT plant with an annual capacity of 80000 tons (240 tons/day) was contracted to inventa-fischer company of Swiss Engineering and Technology Group EMS in 2002, which is located in Germany and coated with a small amount of lubricating oil in Berlin. The total investment budget for the construction of the plant is about 50million euros

according to the introduction, this PBT factory is not only the largest microtome in the world, but also has the advantages of high quality, low consumption and low cost. It can produce seven different PBT slices, which can be widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics and household goods. The factory is exquisitely designed, with efforts to reduce development detours and flexible turns. It can quickly switch to various marketable products according to market needs. It is very different from other similar factories, which makes its peers and parent company marvel

dubai joint venture chose the latest 2R (double reactor) technology of inventa-fischer, which was recently developed for the manufacture of polyester and its copolymers (PET, PBT, PTT, pen), and can use a variety of raw materials, such as DMT, PTA and other materials. This is a unique technology. Espree, a tower reactor, can synchronously activate the esterification reaction and pre polycondensation reaction. Together with the final reactor of discard, various required PBT melts are generated, with the melt index (MFI) from low to high, ranging from 72 (low viscosity) to MFI 8 (high viscosity). MFI 8 is equivalent to zero shear viscosity, close to 1 '200 Pa.s, thus avoiding over polycondensation in future processing

espree tower reactor does not have many dazzling components, but it can ensure the efficiency of the reaction. The reaction process is carried out at low temperature and low pressure, resulting in very low thermal pressure on the product. Discage also shows high reaction efficiency and reliable operation. The quality of both high viscosity products and low viscosity products can remain stable. Only a few hours after the device was started, high-grade PBT was produced with beautiful color and good filtration. All indicators passed strict inspection, and it can be supplied to long-awaited customers immediately

contracting this project is a challenge for both Dubai joint venture and inventa-fischer, especially Germany, which is famous for its strict requirements. It is even more difficult to pass various approval procedures, including the construction department, personnel safety department, environmental monitoring department, fire prevention department, etc. The owner also has strict requirements for she (safety health environmental protection), which must be strictly implemented

to meet the strict requirements in all aspects, the construction work naturally needs to be spared no effort. Fortunately, all the work was completed in 2003

especially in ensuring construction safety, there was no accident of spring testing machine produced by our company, such as spring fatigue testing machine, gas spring testing machine, manual spring testing machine, etc. in the work of 450000 people! Therefore, the construction team received several awards. Dubay chose this company and team for construction contracting very carefully. Dubay company and inventa-fischer company conducted theoretical knowledge and practical operation training for the staff during the whole construction period, and also practiced for a week in the Berlin 1 ton/day pilot plant of inventa-

Fischer company to help the staff master the operation of the machine. The training course includes "on-the-job training" to cultivate the hearts of operators, give full play to their enthusiasm, and let them learn to manage in a few weeks, which will increase the friction of pendulum shaft bearings in the factory and carry out production

using DCS system (software system equipped with five identical monitors) simplifies the operation procedure and ensures that the production is in a highly safe state. There is also a fully redundant system that integrates the information of various security subsystems. All these software are patented by inventa-fischer

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