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Cloud PBX solves various problems of small and medium-sized enterprises one by one. Cloud PBX, a cloud based voice switch independently developed by Beijing Hongbo ICT Technology Co., Ltd. Acting on the enterprise level office system, we are committed to contributing our own strength to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

investigation and research show that enterprises often face the following problems in the early stage of development:

first, insufficient funds

in the early stage of development, due to small scale and financing difficulties, it is not uncommon for enterprises to lack reserve funds and working capital. In this case, we have to spend a lot of human, material and financial resources to improve the company's communication facilities, which is really beyond our ability

cloud PBX, a voice switch on the cloud. There is no need to work hard to solve the wiring problem. You can use it by opening the Internet, which effectively reduces the wiring and maintenance costs of enterprises

second, personnel dispersion

the company has just started, which is naturally very necessary for the development of new customers. Due to the general environment, it seems to be common for company employees to travel frequently. As a result, in the case of emergency problems, they can not be solved in time more often

for the above problems, cloud PBX has its own conference room function, which is exclusive to enterprises. If there are problems, don't overstock them. Communicate and solve them anytime, anywhere. Let the enterprise develop better and not stagnate due to small problems

III. employees have several jobs

in the early stage of enterprise development, the scale has not been formed, and the management is not very perfect. It often happens that an employee has several jobs. In view of the above situation, civil servants such as meeting minutes are really devoid of skills. So, how can we not only save labor costs without external 4, experimental machine workbench recruitment, but also increase work tasks without the painstaking efforts of internal employees

cloud PBX has its own recording function, which can automatically record the specified, and provide the functions of query, listening and download. It can share the work for the employees in the enterprise and save labor costs for the enterprise

IV. uncertainty in the workplace

due to various uncertain factors such as environment and rent, the dispersion of office space often occurs. When contacting and communicating with customers, the number changes, which not only causes some trouble for yourself, but also greatly reduces the image of the enterprise in the hearts of users, giving people a sense of extreme unprofessional

cloud PBX supports multiple terminals, no region, location restrictions, and can access the cloud switchboard as long as it passes through the network. At any time, at any place, the unified number of the switchboard can not only improve the image of the enterprise itself, but also maintain personal privacy

current 1 Looking at the choice of Electromechanical, cloud PBX has started the experimental machine with Guorong securities, UFIDA communications, ant short rent, Xinyun media and other leaders to make it in a normal working state. Many enterprises have reached a consensus on cooperation and are deeply recognized. Cloud PBX, an enterprise communication expert who really helps the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Subvert the traditional voice communication mode, and open a new era of enterprise communication with novel ideas and special ideas

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