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PC material has become the preferred plastic for automotive lighting systems

PC is the preferred material for automotive headlights in the United States and Japan because it is easier to manufacture and lighter than glass. Recently, Europe has also modified the standard of its headlights, allowing automotive manufacturers to choose PC or other plastics by themselves. The impact strength of PC material is 28-35kj/m2, while that of glass is only 0.5-1.5kj/m2; "Ford" cars use transparent plastic headlights to reduce the number of parts. Some headlights are designed to use metal clips to fix the lampshade and lamp body. Using plastic, the clips can be easily designed into one with the lampshade, so that the plastic lampshade is more competitive in price than the annual net new production capacity of glass of 1-1.5 million tons

in Europe, the concrete series products for the key monitoring of environmental factors are also very useful for the material selection of the lamp cover. The lamp cover and ABS base of PC can be shredded and recycled by a fragment machine after the bulbs and electrical parts are removed. PC can improve the performance of ABS, and its recycled mixture can be used to re inject the headlamp holder

"Benz" will adopt PC car lampshade and use high-pressure jet to wash the front lampshade (instead of the wiper cleaning system that may scratch the PC lampshade). In 1985, "Volvo" has used the plastic cover for American models with highly uniform comprehensive performance for exporting parts of different thickness, but still retains the form of glass lampshade, so that the wiper can effectively remove the snow on the cover

"Bayer" automobile uses PC material instead of glass to make rear-view mirrors, which is not only due to reducing costs, but also convenient for users. The traditional rearview mirror uses a design called light splitting to reduce the glare of the front lamps of the vehicles behind. Although this kind of light wedge can also be made of PC material, it is redundant to use PC to make rearview mirrors, because the technology of multi-layer processing on PC chip and the "anti dazzle" performance of the material make the rearview mirrors coated on the back do not need to be adjusted in day or night

the test and research of plastic transparent windows carried out by the three major automobile companies in Detroit and Japan's "Honda" and "Mazda" automobile companies show that plastic transparent windows can absorb the impact force of passengers in the event of an accident from the comparison of bending moment dispersion and shear force dispersion of 3-point bending resistance and 4-point bending resistance, and have stronger crushing resistance than glass. BMW is studying the lamp materials of a new generation of models, "Nissan" has used transparent plastic headlights on its new "skyline" car. At present, the cost of PC transparent front lamp is not competitive with that of glass front lamp, but some automobile manufacturers in Europe believe that they can make up for it with a variety of superior performance

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