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It is naturally elegant and mysterious. It is a gorgeous dress in the night sky and an unknown mysterious star. The rich black, calm atmosphere, and mature tone set off the noble and elegant temperament of Yuxiu embroidered wall cloth, creating a traditional aesthetic feeling and retro artistic conception for home space


let you fall in love with this deep black

black is the color of nature, and pure black can easily capture people's hearts, without those impetuous, soothe inner anxiety, and bring people the courage to start again

how cool is black? Strong personal style expression. Yuxiu embroidery background not only makes the black base cloth personalized, but also highlights the beautiful colors of embroidery

>& gt;& gt; You think it's cold <& lt;& lt;

some people regard black as a symbol of coldness, but in fact, it is a classic that will never fall behind. It has always been at the top of the fashion trend and has been favored by countless artists, with unfathomable mysterious temptation

do you think black is cold? On the contrary, Yuxiu's black, delicate and warm, not only highlights personality, but also brings comfort

>& gt;& gt; You think it's boring <& lt;& lt;

if you can boldly use the powerful power of black to decorate your home, it will make the whole space exude unparalleled charm and sweep away the dull monotony

fashion or nature

modern or retro

white, black or color

in home life, we are faced with various choices every day

royalshow, let you explore the possibility of every match





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