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Guante, a young solid wood furniture customization expert, belongs to the solid wood furniture brand of Shenzhen guante group, and is headquartered in Shenzhen Qianhai, the special zone in the special zone

what are the commonly used timbers for solid wood furniture and how about the price?

generally speaking, the commonly used timbers in the market at present are red oak, white oak, rubber wood, Catalpa wood, cherry wood, walnut, teak, ash wood, beech, ash, pine, etc. American red oak and cherry wood are recommended for cabinets; For wardrobe, American red oak, white oak, elm, teak, etc. are recommended; If it's a children's room, pine is recommended

why can't solid wood furniture be directly " Plain face "

compared with furniture made of other materials, solid wood has natural texture and natural flavor, which can be described as natural pride. Different solid wood has different textures and colors, people have different preferences, and there is no absolute beauty or ugliness. In that case, why not meet each other directly in their original appearance and put each flower into each eye? (for solid wood furniture, "cosmetics" "The function of" is: skin care and maintenance first, decoration style second, beauty Concealer third. It is the protective clothing of furniture, not beauty camera...

how solid wood furniture is made, and what processing steps are there

a complete sense of furniture production process includes many links and steps from raw material preparation, woodworking, paint finishing to the final product packaging and warehousing, and every step should be refined Refinement and specialization, only by going deep into the solid wood furniture factory can we get the most authentic solid wood experience. Let's explore the solid wood factory with Xiaobei

Nanjing solid wood customized furniture manufacturer guante

young people's solid wood furniture customization expert guante belongs to the solid wood furniture brand of Shenzhen guante group, and its headquarters are located in Shenzhen Qianhai in the special zone

the company makes use of the advantages of the Internet and combines with the traditional solid wood furniture industry to save the middle multi-layer dealer links, so as to reduce the cost of furniture channels, so that consumers can enjoy the green, environmental friendly and beautiful quality of life brought by solid wood furniture at a more reasonable price

in guante, we not only enjoy imported solid wood with high cost performance, but also professional designers create personalized furniture customization needs for consumers. Product styles are rich and diverse, American, Nordic and new Chinese to meet the customized needs of customers in different regions

adhering to the product details, from humanized function design to lean accessories and environmental protection materials, we always practice the standard of excellence and constantly strive for perfection, just for more young people to buy the desired solid wood furniture

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