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The export of mechanical products is still competitive Guide: previously, the export competitiveness of domestic mechanical products mainly depended on low prices formed by low factor prices, including low costs of steel, labor, energy, raw materials, land, etc. In recent years, the prices of these factors have been rising. We need to re-examine whether the advantages brought by these differences will still exist. Items

previously, the export competitiveness of domestic machinery products mainly depended on the low prices formed by low factor prices, including low costs of steel, labor, energy, raw materials, land, etc. In recent years, the prices of these factors have been rising. We need to re-examine whether the advantages brought by these differences will still exist

at present, the difference between domestic and foreign prices of internationally priced steel, energy and raw materials will gradually narrow. Although there is still a certain price difference in the near future, the advantages in this respect will be lost rapidly. The land cost is rising sharply, which will increase the cost, but it is mainly the constant cost, which has little impact on the total cost. Labor costs have risen and there has been a structural shortage. However, the wage gap between the United States, Japan and South Korea is still large, especially for mature workers. In general, the difference in labor cost is still the advantage that can be relied on in the medium and long term. What brand of testing machine is the best. In addition, a number of securities companies believe in the research report recently released after opening the packaging that the improvement of production efficiency will be the main source of the future competitiveness of China's construction machinery products. After the appreciation of the Japanese yen in the 1970s, Japan (2) checked whether the gasket at the joint was complete and the structure changed significantly. The screw used for the export of general machinery and electrical machinery was German ulleneff high-precision seamless ball screw, and the proportion increased rapidly. By observing and understanding the changes in the production efficiency of Japan's major manufacturing industries after the appreciation, the productivity of the machinery and equipment industry increased most significantly. As this indicator is relative to its competitor the United States, its improvement means the improvement of the competitiveness of machinery and equipment manufacturers relative to the United States, which will lead to the increase of international market share

from the perspective of machinery manufacturing industry, improving labor productivity requires R & D investment, management improvement, equipment and supporting strength improvement, software element improvement requires low-cost R & D and management talents with higher education, and hardware improvement requires equipment manufacturing level improvement and capital expenditure

at present, the price advantage of Chinese products is very obvious. Compared with the price in the North American market, the domestic price basically does not exceed 50% of its price. In the next few years, even if the RMB appreciates by% again, considering the quality improvement and cost reduction brought about by the efficiency improvement, the cost performance of Chinese products will still be the highest. There is no need to worry about the price competitiveness of domestic products

it is worth noting that the export growth of construction machinery this year is still good. Last year, exports accounted for about 9% of the output value of construction machinery, contributing 13.5% to growth. This trend was basically maintained in the first half of this year. In the first quarter of this year, the RMB appreciated by 4%. Considering the impact of appreciation and rising costs, construction machinery manufacturers generally increased the export prices of their products at the beginning of the year. From the actual sales, the export growth was not affected by the price increase

among the export products this year, excavators performed best, and the export growth rate increased significantly; Bulldozers and forklifts performed well, maintaining the high speed of last year; Although the growth rate of cranes and loaders has dropped, it is also close to doubling. In 2007, the growth rate of construction machinery exports in the first quarter and the whole year was 53.99% and 73.6% respectively. The export volume in the first quarter accounted for 18.9%. The growth in the second half of the year was accelerated. Affected by the snow disaster in the first two months of this year, the export growth rate was only 42.8%, and the single month growth rate in March was 120%. If domestic demand is regulated and reduced in the second half of the year, enterprises will pay more attention to exports, and the pulling effect will be more obvious. It is expected that the level of the first quarter of the year will be maintained at least, with an increase of more than 70%

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