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Rosneft proposes China to take a stake in its oil fields

Rosneft proposes China to take a stake in its oil fields

September 2, 2014

[China paint information] on September 2, Beijing time, the Financial Times reported that Rosneft rose to $831million and proposed that China take a stake in its oil field Vankor. Vankor is the third continental oil production subsidiary of Rosneft

if China succeeds in taking shares in Vankor, it will be the first major action for China to take shares in the upstream of Russia's oil industry

on September 1 local time, Putin and Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attended the opening ceremony of the Russian section of the China Russia east line natural gas pipeline. It was at this ceremony that Russian President Putin announced the proposal of Rosneft

the China Russia east line natural gas pipeline is called "Sila sibiri", with a total cost of $5billion and a total length of 4000 kilometers. The fastest possible date is 2017. 3. Effective experimental width: 500mm; Officially send air to China

Putin told Zhang Gaoli, "Rosneft president Sechin proposed that China should become the shareholder of the largest oil producing asset in northern Russia. The government supports these plans. We are usually very cautious about the release of foreign partners, but for our Chinese friends, I believe that there are certainly no restrictions on low-temperature tanks."

China has long sought to enter the upstream sector of Russia's energy industry in exchange for capital investment in Russian export pipelines, but the Russian government was previously unwilling to grant equity in traditional onshore oil and gas reserves to foreign companies

at present, the relationship between the Russian government and Europe is deteriorating, and the future of Western companies in Russia is in a state of uncertainty. Russia is seeking to shift its strategic focus to Asia and take the initiative to deepen bilateral trade and investment relations between Russia and China

the latest round of sanctions against Russia triggered by the conflict in Ukraine has restricted the export of equipment to Russia's energy sector, making the investment plan of tens of billions of dollars variable. Rosneft was included in the sanctions list by the United States in July. In order to offset the impact of sanctions, Rosneft has requested the Russian government to provide 1.5 trillion rubles of financial assistance

it is not clear which Chinese oil company will become a partner of Rosneft, nor what assets will be included in the transaction. Rosneft declined to comment

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