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The Russian oil service industry is close to China

the Russian oil service industry is close to China

July 14, 2014

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[China paint information] according to the UK, this can also deepen the industrial chain and improve product utilization, Reuters reported on July 10, Rosneft CEO Sechin launched the world's largest oil drilling platform in the sea of Okhotsk and shook hands with colleagues from ExxonMobil. Russian President Vladimir Putin watched the event in real time

this event was broadcast live to the Kremlin on June 27, marking a big step forward for Russia to achieve Putin's goal of increasing oil production. In the presence of U.S. corporate executives, zengni and others prepared PTMC barrier films, which seemed to indicate that Putin was right that Western sanctions were not harmful

this berkut platform with more than 200000 tons is partially built in South Korea, which highlights the dependence of the Russian oil industry on foreign technology to know the status of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters through the display screen. If the United States increases sanctions against Russia because of Ukraine, such technology may become a target. Berkut platform belongs to sakhalin-1project led by ExxonMobil

at a time when Russia needs to develop unconventional Arctic reserves to fill the decline in the production of mature oil fields in Siberia, this platform also highlights the difficulties of the Russian oil industry in trying to establish its own oil and gas service industry for many years. It is reported that after ranking first for 10 consecutive years, Russia's position as the world's largest oil producer may be replaced by the United States this year, and it will take several years for the country to increase the production of shale oil or Arctic oil fields

according to integra, a private service company, domestic enterprises dominate the Russian oil field service market. Eurasiadrillingcompany (EDC) has a market share of 15%, followed by surgitneftegas and Gazprom, with a market share of 10%

Alexander korsik, head of bashneft, said that Western sanctions on foreign equipment may push Russia closer to China. Bashneft is the fastest growing oil company in Russia by production

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