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Russian packaging product import market quotation

the Russian business consulting station said on November 15 that according to the data of the marketing survey conducted by global reach consulting on the Russian printing market, almost half of all printing materials imported by Russia are packaging products. First of all, cardboard, wrinkled and non wrinkled cartons, cartons, and cardboard boxes. In Russia, the import tariff of the above-mentioned goods is 15%

the main supplier of packaging products in Russia is Ukraine. Second, Poland and China. In 2009, the import volume of packaging products in Russia fell by an average of 29%. The results show that the imports of the supplier countries have decreased

in Russia, the main importers of packaging products are food enterprises and manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals. Such as liquid food packaging manufacturers, as well as P & G's largest other branch in Russia specializing in the production of synthetic detergent

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