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Russian manufacturers raised the PVC contract price in August

according to the icis-mrc price report, the regular maintenance of devices and the sharp decline in imported materials, especially imported materials from the United States, created opportunities for Russian manufacturers to significantly increase the PVC contract price

sayansk khimplas' automobile lightweight market development has experienced three stages from the initial material supply, to the extension of aluminum utilization technology development, and then to the construction of body structure design capacity. T Russia's largest suspension grade PVC (SPVC) manufacturer shut down almost all devices for maintenance at the end of last week. In June, the PVC devices of bashkirsoda (formerly kaustik, stillitamark) and kaustik (Volgograd) will also be shut down for maintenance

the rise of export prices in the United States has led to the decline of PVC imports in Russia for many times. Under the combined action of the above factors, Russian producers successfully realized the price increase plan, and the average contract price increased by 4000 rubles/ton in August, maintaining at 53, 000 rubles/ton CPT Moscow, including value-added tax. The manufacturers that reached the deal are mainly bashkirsoda company and kaustik company. Sayanskkhimprast has very little resin supply due to device maintenance

at the same time, some buyers said that they had agreed with the manufacturer last month that the contract price for these three months was consistent with the production date and warranty period in July (when applicable). The contract price rose sharply by 20 yuan/ton in Tangshan, Shandong and Shanxi. The rise did not improve the procurement situation last week

in the spot market, local buyers are not in a hurry to purchase PVC

the transaction price of Chinese calcium carbide k65pvc8 for monthly delivery is basically maintained at 48, 000 rubles/ton CPT Moscow, including value-added tax. Since the second half of July, the supply of calcium carbide k70pvc made in China has tightened, and the quotation on the spot market has reached 52, 500 rubles/ton CPT Moscow, including value-added tax

Sochi Eurasian Economic Commission made a decision on June 23 to reduce the import tax of SPVC by 6.5% - 10%, which will be implemented from September 1. The reduction of import tax will affect the PVC contract price in Russia in September

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