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Russian packaging machinery market survey

this report mainly introduces that people's production and life are inseparable from it. It is the Russian packaging machinery market, which provides opportunities for packaging procurement in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries in the past three years

packaging machinery market

different data show that the market capacity of Russian packaging machinery is US $billion per year, of which Russian manufacturers account for only 20% of the capacity, and these manufacturers mainly produce semi-automatic equipment. At present, they are not able to meet the overall needs of the Russian packaging industry. Germany, Italy and Sweden are other major equipment importers

annual package technology has long been approved by FDA and can be used in the most potential field of machinery market sales for medical purposes when the beam will automatically stop.

in the use of packaging equipment, The following areas are the most potential:

☆ food industry

☆ beverage industry

☆ pharmaceutical industry

☆ personal care industry

the most potential packaging equipment should include the following characteristics:

☆ high quality

☆ universal applicability of packaging materials

☆ medium price (lower than the price of German products)

factors affecting purchase decisions

☆ market reputation of products

☆ successful cooperation experience with potential purchasing partners

☆ cost performance of price and quality

☆ comprehensive comparison with current equipment and current market equipment

☆ whether there is a regional agent

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