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The Russian plastic machinery market is optimistic

in recent years, the plastic machinery market has become one of the fastest-growing markets in Russia, with a market size of US $200-300 million. Market experts estimate that the Russian plastic machinery market will continue to grow in the next few years

there is a strong demand for plastic machinery in Russia. First, due to the rapid development of the domestic food industry, the demand for plastic packaging materials has increased accordingly; Second, the demand for plastic products in building materials, sporting goods, stationery and the automotive industry is growing; Third, 45% of the plastic machinery in Russia is between 10 and 20 years old, and 25% is more than 20 years old, so it is urgent to replace the old with the new. The above factors have promoted the market demand of plastic machinery and promoted the prosperity of the plastic machinery market

Russia has a great demand for plastic machinery, but the domestic production capacity of plastic machinery is limited, which is far from meeting the market demand, so the import proportion of plastic machinery is large. In 2000, the production amount of plastic machinery in Russia was US $13.7186 million, while the import amount reached US $111.5738 million; The number of imported plastic machinery was 14828, an increase of 32.5% over 1999

the plastic machinery that Russia needs to import focuses on small plastic machinery with low unit price. In terms of machine types, it mainly imports injection molding machines, hollow molding machines, vacuum molding machines, plastic ejection machines and plastic recycling machines. From the perspective of import mode, it is usually divided into three categories, including purchasing the whole plant equipment, upgrading equipment, and supplementing equipment for the current production line. At present, the main import sources of Russian plastic machinery are Germany, Italy mobile equipment, Ukraine and other countries, and China is the fifth largest importer of plastic machinery in Russia

the market of plastic machinery in Russia has expanded and has a promising prospect, which has attracted great attention and fierce competition from plastic machinery manufacturers in various countries. Not only do European machinery companies increase marketing efforts and expand market share, but many Asian machinery companies are also eager to try to occupy a place in the Russian market and try their best to attract Russian customers. Many companies use the sales strategy of "buying high-quality products at reasonable prices" to promote that their products are affordable, trustworthy and easy to operate. Some companies also hold seminars and training courses at the buyer's factory. The competition to seize the Russian plastic machinery market is becoming increasingly fierce

China has a long history of exporting plastic machinery to Russia. In the early years, the plastic machinery purchased by Russia was mainly cheap models produced by China and Turkey. In recent years, Russian buyers have paid more and more attention to the quality and scientific and technological content of products. Companies with the ability prefer to buy expensive, efficient and reliable plastic machinery produced in France and Italy. Although China's export of plastic machinery to Russia has increased in the past two years, from 426 sets in 1999 to 824 sets in 2000, with a growth rate of 93.4%, and the proportion in Russia's import has increased from 3.8% to 5.6%, there is still a big gap compared with Russia's import of 3895 sets from Germany and Italy's import growth rate of 645.9%

China's plastic machinery industry should attach great importance to the development trend of expanding demand and promising prospects in the Russian plastic machinery market. While trying to expand the market share of plastic machinery in Russia, they should calmly analyze the current fierce competition situation, constantly improve China's product exports to Russia, and enhance market competitiveness. According to the analysis of relevant experts, to expand exports to the Russian market, first, we should reduce costs and maintain price advantages; Second, we should improve product quality and increase the content of science and technology; The third is to improve after-sales service. When Bayer materials science and other companies carry out relevant formulation, the lubrication system is mainly composed of lubricating oil pump, special relay and pipeline, and actively look for reliable agents locally. If we have reliable agents in Russia, we can gain great advantages in solving equipment installation, after-sales service and consulting service

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