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Russian nuclear submarine caught fire! A number of military experts were killed in the battle, and the short circuit of wires was the main reason for the fire accident of Russian nuclear submarine! Several military experts were killed in battle, and the main cause was short circuit of wires

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the original standard proposed a comprehensive solution to implement the requirements of "made in China 2025". Problem: a fire accident occurred in a Russian nuclear submarine! A number of military experts were killed in battle, and the short circuit of wires was the main reason.

the recent fire incident of the Russian nuclear submarine caused much attention. Previously, Russia did not want to admit that the submarine had nuclear power, but as the situation further developed, more details of the matter were disclosed. It was said that the nuclear submarine caught fire due to a short circuit in the battery, and only five people on duty at that time survived, but the nuclear reactor had sufficient safety measures and did not cause nuclear leakage, What are the characteristics of this nuclear submarine? What does it mean for Russia

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according to Russia, the nuclear reactor of this nuclear submarine is in an insulated state, and all the crew members are also determined to defend the submarine to the death. Although the nuclear submarine has also improved, it is still unable to reverse the decline in the end. This is the reason why so many crew members died heroically. With the disclosure of the depth of the incident, this incident has become more mysterious, The full name of this nuclear submarine is as31 Mini nuclear submarine (submersible). All the 14 people sacrificed are senior experts, and seven people are colonel ranks. What is this nuclear submarine doing

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as31 nuclear submarine is the first ship of 10831 type (only one in service), which is the most mysterious underwater equipment in Russia. Although the displacement is less than 2000 tons, the internal structure is extremely complex. In an emergency, it can carry 25 people. The maximum submergence is 603. The joystick shift: adjust the joystick to 00m, which is equivalent to 11 times (530 meters) of the Los Angeles class attack nuclear submarine in the United States, In addition, all the 14 people who died this time came from unit 45707, which is the most elite special force in Russia. The tasks that can be performed include recycling space debris and monitoring strategic targets. Why does Russia call these 14 military experts

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according to the selection criteria of the 45707 unit, to successfully enter this special force, you need to have rich experience in nuclear submarines, and the training mode is close to astronauts, so Russia can also be said to have sacrificed 14 pilots this time, Previously, the 45707 force had carried out tasks such as maintaining submarine cables and collecting enemy communication information, so the as31 fire accident attracted world attention. According to the prediction of relevant institutions, the as31 was probably carrying out continental shelf survey and testing Poseidon combat system (carrying nuclear warheads) at the time of the incident, but what it was doing at that time was definitely impossible to decrypt in a short time

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