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Research on decorative elements of industrial products

Abstract: whether modern industrial products are successful in design and accepted by the market and consumers is related to a variety of design factors. Among many design factors, decorative elements of appearance play an important role. Especially in the context of rapid product upgrading, it will determine the success or failure of an industrial product to a certain extent. This paper discusses and studies the problems related to the decorative elements of industrial products

key words: decorative elements product volume aesthetic fatigue DIY history repetition

beautifying the appearance of industrial products in modern product design is an important factor to determine whether a product can be popular in the market, especially today when consumer groups are becoming younger and the artificial plan abolition system is constantly advancing

in today's world, with the vigorous development of commodity economy, the degree of industrialization of society has also been unprecedentedly improved. Industrial products have developed greatly in both quantity and quality, so people are "surrounded" by a variety of modern industrial products in social life. And the consumer has never looked at these products with such a critical eye as today. In this way, producers of industrial products are encouraged to try their best to improve the quality and technology of their products, reduce prices, and compete with other producers of similar products. However, in the modern era of information technology and scientific and technological progress, most industrial products are increasingly "homogenized" in all aspects, and the differences between products become smaller and smaller. Today's consumers are tired of facing the traditional or unified product appearance for a long time, and the psychology of seeking innovation and change is common among people. In this way, the decorative elements of the appearance of industrial products are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, wires, cables, textiles, fibers, plastics, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum-plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, geotextiles, films, wood, paper, metal materials and manufacturing industries, and become a key factor in the success of product design, Whether it will be favored by consumers is one of the important factors

what are the decorative factors of the appearance of industrial products, which aspects of the product itself affect it, and what factors make it so valued? These are things worth thinking about by product producers and product designers

I. The purpose of industrial product production and decorative elements

to explore the related problems of decorative elements of industrial products, we must first make clear which products are industrial products and what are decorative elements of industrial products? Which industrial products need to use decorative elements. First of all, industrial products are different from general handicraft products in production technology. They are the products of large-scale industrialized production and mechanization. In the production process, the standardization of production management and product parts is realized. Secondly, the production of industrial products has its specific purpose, which is to meet people's material and spiritual needs. The realization of the use function of the product depends on the technical and material conditions; The spiritual aesthetic function of products depends on the decorative function of products. Whether the decorative elements of industrial products are used or not, the decorative complexity is simply determined by the purpose of the production of the industrial products

decorative elements are not required in many industrial products. Whether to apply decorative elements mainly depends on whether this type of product is closely related to the material and spiritual needs of human individuals when the temperature rise of the former is much lower than that of the latter. That is, whether the product has physical usability and spiritual pleasure to meet the needs of individuals or groups. For example, some products that are also industrial products but do not have the above attributes can ignore their decorative elements or minimize their application. Taking weapons as an example, the design and use of weapons are almost synchronized with the process of human history. Its design and use has its specific purpose, that is, to kill others and protect ourselves. Therefore, its decorative elements can be ignored or minimized. A famous example in the history of modern weapon design is the U.S. colt "Navy" revolver, which became famous at the 1851 British "Crystal Palace" WorldExpo. It has reached the extreme in realizing the functionality of the product without decorative elements. Of course, some special designs to reflect the identity, status and wealth of users are excluded

although other products such as agricultural equipment and industrial machinery are also industrial products with physical usability, they are not closely related to the spiritual pleasure of people themselves or groups, so their decorative elements can also be ignored or their applications can be minimized

II. Appearance volume and decorative elements of industrial products

generally speaking, the shape and decorative elements (color, material texture, pattern, etc.) of an industrial product must be realized by relying on a certain physical volume of the product, which is separated from the carrier of physical volume, and the realization and full play of decorative elements are restricted

for example, the "button" electromagnet used in an electronic calculator must be minimized because of its small size. Of course, this is also determined by the value of its products. However, not all small products need to reduce decorative elements, but some small products must make great efforts in the application of decorative elements, such as the decoration of perfume packaging and containers, which can often affect consumers' choices to a great extent. Let's take another look at some examples of larger products, from which we will also have some experience. For example, household refrigerators and televisions have more space and a variety of forms for the application of decorative elements in the interface design. You can start with the most basic materials and colors; You can also seek changes in functional form and interface composition

the size of products is divided into practical scale, comfortable scale and psychological scale. A reasonable sense of volume itself is a good decorative element, and in some cases the psychological scale has been highlighted. For example, in the Tang Dynasty of China, the plump figure of women was regarded as beauty; Later in the Song Dynasty, women's Willow waist was the beauty; In the Ming Dynasty, rich and noble families took female feet as beauty, namely "three inch Golden Lotus". This aesthetic trend continued until the Qing Dynasty. These are people's different understandings of the aesthetic feelings brought by the sense of volume in different times, and this understanding has also been extended to handicrafts and other products in the same period. For example, the furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties in China, which is based on the basic proportion of human body, has a moderate volume. By the Qing Dynasty, the sense of volume of furniture has increased, especially the awareness of identity and grade is related to the volume of furniture. Modern industrial products also inherit this feature to some extent. The industrial products of Germany and Japan are well-known in the world. German industrial products are recognized for their excellent product quality system. At the same time, the products have a strong sense of volume, giving people a sense of psychological security. Japanese industrial products are famous for their fine workmanship and small size, and their products are often small in size. These characteristics can also be reflected in the cars produced by the two countries

it can be seen that the appearance volume of industrial products also has some basic characteristics of decorative elements

Third, the value of products and decorative elements

the complexity and simplicity of decorative elements of an industrial product are also related to the value of the product itself. For example, take the "button" electromagnetic used in electronic calculators as an example. Because its value is very low, adding decorative elements will increase the production process and material cost, so its decorative elements will inevitably be reduced to the minimum. Industrial products with high product value have reason to have more funds to beautify the shape, research the application of materials and apply the appearance decoration

IV. the impact of public psychology on the decorative elements of industrial products

the demand of public psychology has an important impact on the application of decorative elements of industrial products. "Liking the new and hating the old" can be said to be human instinct to some extent, and it can also be said that this instinct is the ideological driving force for the progress of human society. This is especially true in the attitude towards industrial products around us. Consumer groups in different times have different understandings and preferences for the appearance of industrial products and the decorative elements attached to them

the "big brother" mobile, which appeared in the early 1990s, is "huge", rough in appearance, single in style, and inconvenient to use and carry. Industrial products with no decorative elements like this should not have been favored by people, but they were sought after by people at that time, which is a thing worth thinking about. At that time, the aesthetic taste of the consumer has been greatly improved. Especially young people are more willing to pursue fashion, appreciate and buy industrial products with new functions and good decoration. 3. Steel bar twists and turns testing machine inspection mandrel. Products like "big brother" can be said to be a model of simple and no longer simple functionalist products, but they became a symbol of people's identity and status at that time, as well as a representative of fashion and Avantgarde. Now it seems that it is so ugly, we can see that people's views on decorative elements of products are affected by psychological needs. Turning the time back to today, we see the familiar "faces" again, The new generation of "big brother" appears again in the wheel wrench strength and endurance fatigue testing experimental machine. The principle is: the upper servo motor drives the reducer to rotate (the lifting mechanism is the servo motor reducer in people's vision. In addition to being consistent with today's popular technology and function, and the product volume is reduced to a more suitable grasp, it basically maintains the old-fashioned "big brother" in appearance Basic characteristics of. The simple buttons, small screen display and the black body without decoration really shock some people today. This may be the "cool" pursued by the younger generation! On the other hand, some young consumer groups are dissatisfied with the decorative elements of standardized industrial products and reprocess them, which is the product "DIY" that is popular all over the world today. "DIY" can be translated into "do it yourself". The emergence of this new thing can be understood as the product of mankind entering the "post industrial civilization" era. After the scale and standardization of industrial products, although the products meet the needs of different consumer groups in the use function, they are too single and lack of personality differences in the aesthetic taste of products. Make people feel "aesthetic fatigue". Especially for the first consumer group of modern industrial products - young people. They are increasingly pursuing the personalization of their lives, like to express themselves in all aspects, and keep up with fashion. "DIY" is suitable for the personality needs of the young generation for self aesthetics. Therefore, the industrial products were "designed for the second time", and the focus of the design was on the personalized transformation of the decorative elements of the original product appearance. For example, "DIY" and "car DIY", which are popular all over the world. From the above example

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